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    Hopefully everything is for the better. I’d rather have a flood of memes than the usual flood of 99 posts. Low effort memes are significant. Someone 25 others create effort variations which may still hit on golden and puts high effort. It’s like market rivalry just with memes. Restricting it to decent effort OC memes basically means some shitty equal to a copyright idea. Low attempt memes are half what makes memes fun. The upvote/downvote is enough to filter out the garbage for many people. I’m awaiting for the memes. This feels like a completely different stage for this sub. I do not really care about memes and they should be permitted, but calling those memes”decent attempt” is just beyond me. It’s bascially a 1 minute (if ample ) copy-paste meme.

    That is probably bad wording of my part. I was being polite:s Although I agree with another remark who said our difficulties are low effort posts in general. Woah mine took me at least 1 minute to find the things and get them in to my inventory. We want a fresh subreddit. To be honest, Destiny has 2 different subs. DTG is for the gaming things and r/destinymemes is because of its funny stuff. That said, Destiny is a much more popular game using a bigger presence on reddit. Not sure if an RS3 offshoot sub could survive on it’s own. The 700 upvote one was HILARIOUS overly lmao. Glad you enjoyed it lasted buddy lmao.

    What counts for intellectual discussion on this subreddit is crying about mtx and complaining about other individuals makeup and sobbing big fat tears over anything that does not involve squatting in a portable 24/7Damn. One sentence is. Well-done. Yeah. He proved that effort meme spam is preferred by people. Excellent. I was wondering where those went, that first one was made for me. As you said it would have probably have been quicker to do. Whilst prayer flicking vampyres two episodes occupied by a timer? Bless your soul. The complete sweat with this lad.

    Doesn’t even need to do a clue scroll, just for the lulz. He is standing in the finishing line taunting the haters. Did he explain how he shit?He mentioned using mobile. Thank you lol. Feels like a filler episode. Most good animes have filler arcs. Settled just needed time to get the manga to grab up. He said he didnt need to make a 10 minute episode where he simply gets 3 atk and 3 scope level and some ruby bolt tipsYeah was still an enjoyable episode tho. Might have been better for settled and wievers to skip this part of the mill but after all its his accounts.

    I have no clue what’s happening but I’m appreciating it. Oh lord this made me remain on shitter as long. At least in his other videos there was a helpful item skill to grind or to obtain, this seemed the most random/arbitrary. He is no closer to beating his goal, danger to his health, and put himself through a huge inconvenience. Might also do tough clue next because it is just as relevant.

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