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    Rapid Jet Dyeing Machine
    Economical Long Tube Rapid Jet Dyeing Machine
    Even difficult materials that allow processing by soft flow jet dyeing machines are dyed smoothly in this method. Most suitable direct fabric and multiple materials such as non- – woven and blended materials etc.
    Vastly Improved Smother Running Condition
    Dyeing of Micro – fiber lower liquor ration (lower than 1.8) reducing of running coat and total water consumption with effluent treatment cost.
    Running at stable, Lower tension
    No more clogging up in the back of the chamber at room temperature to get better result of shirting & suiting also.
    Our latest design required slop on rear construction improves smother fabric transportation and stable loading condition to get tangle free operation during the low & high temp process.
    Low liquor ration dyeing
    More uniform circulation and better liquid better separating structure contributes to stable and lower tension running while process.
    Exclusive Features
    ● Liquor ratio : 1:4-8 (Wet Fabrics)
    ● Adjustable ball type nozzle.
    ● Main vessel & basket – SS 316 L
    ● Motor 10 HP To 15 HP (as per fabric weight)
    ● Fabric drive reel with A.C Motor & Frequency controller.
    ● High temp. Up to 140°C
    ● Capacity. 35 to 1000 Kg
    Product Advantages
    Large kier door, provide easy access for people to enter and exitFine casting full flow stainless ball valve to save the operation time.
    Main body welding by automatic welding system, perfect quality and safety.Magnetic water level control.
    Magnetic water level indicator.Solenoid valve from Europe, can be control auto or manual.
    Lifting reel control by inverter.Aluminium alloy cable box and copper duct.
    Large memory microprocessor controller (customer can choose preferred brand).Fully automatic. All related action in dyeing process (e.g water inlet, start main pump, heating, temp maintain, cooling, rinsing, chemical tank feeding, mixing, dye liquor run back, wash tank, drain out, alarm, process finish) can be programmed and controlled.The feeding system provides
    1.Programmable auto feeding control system.
    ● Analog dosing automatic feeding system.
    ● Big & small valve for selection of fast & slow adding.
    2. Water level auto detection and control device.
    3. Powerful stir by circulation pump.
    4. Automatic wash tank and related pipe.
    ModelFabric-Holding Capacity (KG)Tube Quantity/ Slot QuantityInstalled Power (KW)Dimension (Length X Width X Height)
    TH-VA 5035-501/111.64850x1350x2350
    TH-VA 10070-1001/115.16200x1350x2350
    TH-VA – 1175-2501/223.79050x1850x2450
    TH-VA – 2350-5002/452.49050x3100x2450
    TH-VA – 3700-10004/888.39050x6000x2450Jet Dyeing Machine

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