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    STAR sightseeing elevator lift usually uses glass cabin walls, it can make passengers see the scenery outside the cabin, mainly installed in scenic spot, hotels, shopping malls, high-rise office buildings occasions. The sightseeing elevator lift has an innovative design to create the ultimate experience and visual experience.
    Machine roomless panoramic elevator parameters
    Persons Load (kg) Speed (m/s) Car dimension (mm) Door opening size(mm) Hoist-way size (mm) Overhead height (mm) Pit depth (mm)
    Inner size A x B Net Door-opening XxY
    square Round Diamond square Round Diamond
    8 630 1.0 1400×1100 / / 800 2250×1700 / / 4800 1700
    1.5 4900 1800
    1.75 5000 1900
    2.0 5100 2000
    10 800 1.0 1400×1350 1100×1960 1100×1960 800 2250×1850 2150×2500 2150×2500 4800 1700
    1.5 4900 1800
    1.75 5000 1900
    2.0 5100 2000
    13 1000 1.0 1600×1500 1300×1960 1300×1960 900 2450×2000 2350×2500 2350×2500 4800 1700
    1.5 4900 1800
    1.75 5000 1900
    2.0 5100 2000
    Sightseeing Elevator Application
    STER machine roomless panorama elevator fulfills overall structure of one well installation through the optimized design. It does not take other spaces in the building. It provides the building design with more and more freedom. It can easily combine with the building. Machine room-less panorama elevator is widely applicable for various public buildings and places in the cities such as the hotel, office building, shopping center etc.

    Our product series

    Highlights of our sightseeing elevator
    Energy saving
    When the sightseeing elevator is not used, the interior lighting and fan will shut down automatically to save energy.
    When the sightseeing elevator is being called, the device will start up automatically.
    Self-diagnostics system
    It is provided with detailed data of prevention and maintenance, so it is easy to maintain.
    Computer group control management system
    Provide the dispersion dispatching in the fastest speed and hightest effiency. Improve the operating efficiency of the sightseeing elevator, and reduce the passengers’ waiting time.
    Unique design
    STAR sightseeing elevator is bring and spacious, and brings a different kind of scenery of the building.
    Packaging & Shipping
    Solid wooden box in container for long distance sea transportation.
    Shipped in 30 days after payment.

    1. What’s the necessary information should be provided before purchasing an elevator?
    1).How many people loading?
    2).How many floors does the elevator travel?
    3).What’s the shaft size? Shaft width and shaft depth?
    4).Is there a machine room on top of the shaft?
    2. What advantages your elevators have?
    We use the best parts for our elevators, gearless motor from xizi Otis, door operator from Shenling or Wittur, control system from Monarch or STEP etc. All these parts from the biggest and the best suppliers in the world.
    3. Installation & Maintaining
    We will send installation & maintaining manual along with the escalator in the container.
    Our suggestion is to hire a professional local company for installation and future maintaining,once you need any technical assistant from us, just don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.Technician will be sent to the job site if necessary.
    4. Payment term
    Re: T/T or L/C at sight.
    5. What’s your guarantee time?
    We can provide 18months guarantee period, during this time, we will send free replacements to you.
    6. Can we visit your factory before we order?
    Yes of course, you’re welcome to visit us. Our company is near to Shanghai airport.
    7. What’s your delivery time?
    Usually 30 days after the arrival of deposit, but urgent production is also available. Panoramic Elevator factory

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